Monday, May 7, 2012

Sewing Chair redo

This is the other chair I got for $2 along with the MCM chair I scored for myself.....
It was originally a sewing chair that went with a sewing machine table.

A very typical 70s upholstery job but  I liked the unique shape and style of the chair overall and it was really sturdy...
So I thought it might be a great addition to the Union Jack table I just finished up.

Painted up in a nice neutral grey and upholstered in something fun and a bit more updated
A fun, unique little chair....
And for $2 you can't beat that.  All the fabric I had on hand from other projects.
And there's Doodlebug in the backround watering my irises--
With his huge super soaker squirt gun....
We had a showing on our house this Sunday.  And this was their second time through....we'll see what happens.

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