Thursday, June 5, 2014

Leather iPad Cable Satchel

The Cable Satchel designed and made by the male half of this team.  This is the perfect size to hold an iPad in either section.  It's 9 &1/2" x 11"
Copper rivets for all the straps...they will patina really nicely along with the natural leather.
An extra piece of leather for the shoulder strap to reinforce the rivets since this bag could hold quite a bit of weight
Two sections each about 2" wide.  
Nice, simple strap attached to the bag with copper rivets. A buckle to adjust the closure depending on how full each section is...

Interior pockets for the smalls that tend to end up in the bottom of a larger bag. These will have to be redesigned since now that I'm using it I've discovered they are a bit too tight.  You can see that my pens are clipped and hanging outside the pocket.
Key clip, large cell phone pocket, and a couple of pen pockets.   I think one large piece of leather divided into sections by stitching would work better.  It would also accommodate different cell phones since those can vary in size quite a bit.
Overall, a nice sized bag especially if you carry an iPad with you all the time.  It holds a book really nicely as well if you're more "old school" ;)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Turquoise Bezel Set Ring

 Another ring attempt...we have been busy making leather pieces for Etsy customers since Christmas, but today I decided to try again with this gorgeous turquoise stone.
It has been calling me from my workbench ever since I purchased it a few months ago.  The soldering went OK this time, and I've been doing smaller projects with sterling wire to practice.
I made this on my Birthday and it's become one of my favorite pieces to wear.  Sterling, copper, some accidental sterling inlay ---mostly a lot of trial and error trying to figure it all out.  But this is something I have always wanted to learn so it's exciting to see these pieces I have finally made....