Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chalk paint and Zinc

 This is probably the largest project we've taken on for the shop so far....but the result was worth it. 
Photos of the table and chairs before....
I have to say the zinc makes for a pretty dramatic change....
 The customer is thrilled with it and that's all that matters!
 And a post on topping the table with the zinc sheet metal here....for anyone who might be interested in how we did it...
 Here it is all set up in the shop...we delivered it to Winsome Cottage, and then the shop owners delivered it to the customer.
 Eventually I'll do a post on applying the patina to the zinc...and the wax.  Zinc is pretty cool to work with.  It's relatively soft and it's food safe so it can safely be used in the kitchen.  The wax protects it and can be reapplied as needed...
 I just finished painting a small table with ASCP in the color "Arles" and it's going to get topped with zinc as well so I'm going to try to take some photos of the finishing steps with the patina and wax...
 We are happy with the project overall...there's definitely a learning curve and we're trying to constantly improve how our work looks...
 As my Grandpa used to say "There's always room for improvement!" and there is...

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  1. It looks awesome!! Love the red chairs!

  2. VERY pretty! great job! love that zinc top!

  3. What an amazing transformation! Super work. Would you mind telling me what gauge zinc sheeting you guys used?


    1. Thanks Mark...we used .030 or 20 gauge zinc sheet from Roto metals. It's thick enough to take quite a bit of abuse but still flexible enough that it 's fairly easy to work may want to check out another post I did if you haven't already looked at it...

  4. I don't trust myself to try this myself. So, I called around and found a metal shop nearby that will cover my table top with 24 gauge "bonderize." Do you know if this will work as well as the zinc sheet you used from Roto metals?

    1. I don't think my husband or I have ever heard of "bonderize"....curious what that might be??? I would have no idea how well that would work since I'm not sure what it is exactly!!! LOL

  5. I googled "adding steel to table top" to do this exact thing! Great minds think alike :). SO happy to find your blog, wow what a gorgeous outcome! My only concern is that I have leaves in my table... could be challenging.