Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Feed Sack Slipcover

 I have really been "itching" to try to reupholster a piece of furniture.  I'm looking for the right piece to start with though....this little barrel chair was pretty sad but simple as far as upholstery goes....
 Nothing says the 80's like Mauve and Country Blue!  But she was solid and in really great shape...

 I just couldn't wait to make her over so I decided to slipcover instead...and with the feed sacks.  I ended up being able to pull it off with just 2 of them...
  I look around the blogs and see all these feed sack chairs but here in the midwest we're a little slow...you don't see stuff like this around here for sale.
 These two weren't exactly perfect---lots of wear and tear and even some repairs and holes....but I like the way she looks.
 This is what I came up with for the back and the closures...I wanted the stripes on the back to line up with those on the front of the chair too, so I did these wide set pleats with the buttons and the straps....LOVE how that turned out and the look of it...
 Decided to add some denim for the piping and the closure straps....
 And a little repair work I did using some really nice, stenciled numbers that were otherwise going to get thrown away....
Yesterday I soldered the corners of the little table I painted with the ASCP "Arles"...Hoping to finish that up soon and get some photos posted.
And working on some bleach pen pillow shams for the shop in some lovely spring colors....
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  1. Wow your slipcover looks amazing! I have made a few and they didn't turn out this good. I'm going to try reupholstering as soon as I get my new staple gun.

    1. I want a staple gun that we can use with our air compressor! I think it would make the reupholstering easier than slipcovering. Less sewing and cleaner look. Thank you for the compliment on my slipcover....

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  2. Of course you know I love the chair!! Here's a little surprise for you...enjoy!

    1. Wait..try this..http://winsomecottageshop.blogspot.com/2012/03/tales-of-this-shopkeeperthe-liebster.html

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  4. Very nice slipcover I especially like the back. Stop by my blog for a visit I recently upholstered a chair and I love it!!!

  5. it's absolutely brilliant. omg.

    sighhhhhh. soaking up the inspiration.

    come visit anytime--great giveaway right here: http://hellolovelyinc.blogspot.com/2012/04/april-giveaway.html