Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wagon Wheel Starburst

 Since I bought my $5 dining set way back last summer I've had this new obsession with Midcentury Modern furniture and decor.
 I'm all over the place when it comes to decorating.  We have all sorts of "eras" represented in our home.  But I've been on the look out for a starburst clock to hang over the TV.....
They are expensive.  
 I've also looked around at all the DIY projects with shims and paint sticks where people glue them to the back of a round mirror creating the same type look....
But I think what makes for good DIY doesn't LOOK like DIY and I wasn't really sold on anything I saw
Recently we ventured out to one of our favorite outdoor flea markets that we've been waiting all winter to get back to....
Only we took Doodlebug with us-- 
 it turned into a total disaster and we left early
so we stopped at another little indoor flea market on the way home and I spied this...
Love everything about it---
the patina
the size
the broken spokes 
The same look as a starburst clock but different.
I LOVE different!!!
I would really like to hang it on the wall over the TV but with having the house for sale I've decided to leave it on the bookcase for now....
It would make a really cool light fixture too...


  1. Old and rusty....right up my ally!

  2. That's so unique! Love that rustic look it gives to the area. I have been looking for some unique decor as my walls in my apartment have been looking quite bare. And I really dig this idea!