Monday, February 13, 2012

Slipcovered Chair

This is what she looked like before.  I know it's only the cushion...Things were a little busy around here and I kept intending to take a photo before I got the slipcover finished and on the chair...

And here she is after...
First thing I do is measure out and sew all the piping...
Then I start with the largest pieces and cut the fabric for each of the sections of the chair.  For this piece it was the back because that's one large piece and I decided to make a large box pleat since the back of it will show...
For this chair I used almost 7 full yards of 54" wide upholstery fabric.  It has a loose back cushion and seat cushion so that definitely adds to the amount of fabric you need.
From there I pin it together piece by piece inside out...

 I just fell in love with this's Annie Selke
 It has a nice texture like a linen almost....
 There's the box pleat in the back which will show where she'll sit in the room...and the chair rocks and swivels so I thought this would be best...
 The crispness of the pleat suits the style of fabric too
 Piping makes the slipcover I think.  Gives the appearance of being upholstered...
 Nice change...a great update for a perfectly great chair that just needs to be dressed up!
 Slipcovering is a lot of work...I have about 12 hours in this piece....but worth it if you want this look and you already have a good piece of furniture.  
And here she is in her "real" home!  Thanks for the photo know who you are...



  1. Beautiful job slip covering. I can tell you pay attention to detail, but the work is worth it.

  2. Great job! I know how hard recovering can be as Stephens mom did it for a living for many years. I love that fabric.

  3. That fabric is Beautiful and you did a fabulous job! I slipcover professionally, so I know how much work goes into it. I love the blues and greens together, I've been wanting to do this color scheme for awhile now....since I saw Emily on the next design Star on HGTV a few seasons back (her final room). Anyhow LOVE IT!!!! Feel free to come over and check out some of my work...

  4. Wow!! It looks awesome. Love that fabric. I need to slipcover something now.

  5. Beautiful job!! I love this pattern by Annie Selke. I have it in green. Your chair is awesome.

    1. I would LOVE this in green!!! The blue is beautiful so I'm sure the green is really striking as well....hmmmm :) future fabric for pillows!!! Thanks for your lovely comment :)

  6. Rachel! This is so adorable. I kept thinking, "I haven't seen a post from Rachel at Vanhok & Co in a long time. I was going through followers just out of curiosity and I realized, I wasn't following you! So looking forward to catching up with what you are doing. I love your work. Hope you are having a great weekend. -K

  7. Wow, that is beautiful! I love the fabric and all the little details. I'm so envious of your sewing skills.