Monday, June 20, 2011

Bookshelf shoe storage

Not sure if this will work or not......a friend of mine saw this on Pinterest.  (Don't even get me started people I CANNOT do another computer thing but if I were going to this would be it! )
 what she saw and here's what we had....PERFECT.
Here it is with her very own shoes in it :)  And below is how it started....
 Here's our bookcase "before".  You can see some of the peeling finish at the top.  

But overall a beautiful old piece of furniture.  There are 4 adjusting shelves inside and the doors were in really good shape.  We painted her inside and out.  A lot of prep work.  Some sanding and some liquid sandpaper both.  (And some chocolate the upper left corner)  Hey it's naptime people---anything goes!!!
 The doors were the most work by far.  We had everything painted up and when I pulled the tape off you could see all the messiness on the inside trim piece holding the glass in.  My husband ended up taking the trim off and completely taking the glass out.  Then we repainted.  Much better!
And of course here she is in all her glorious "diva" beauty waiting to be filled with shoes!!!
I have to say there is something REALLY satisfying about seeing the finished piece sitting in the store with all the other pretty pieces.  Linking to....
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  1. I love this! I know the feeling about Pinterest. I finally got on board. There was stuff on there people had pinned from my blog! I can't see myself doing this regularly though. I am not sure where I would add this in my brain, (or day!)