Sunday, June 19, 2011

Auction Finds

My husband and I have so much fun shopping flea markets and going to auctions together...this is our first time actually purchasing at an auction and it was an interesting one.

This mirror is for ME; actually it goes perfectly with our bedroom furniture and we had one of those little, cheapy plastic mirrors propped in our closet forever.  Total cost here $1 :)  I bought another mirror for $1 (you can see the back of it in the photo below).  It's destined for our hallway bathroom.
This fan was sitting off to the side.  The auction was pretty small and so was the crowd.  It was also on a Thursday evening.  So they'd said if there was something you were interested in to ask and they'd push it to the front.  We were ready to leave and I was pretty one else bid on it.
How great is this typewriter?!!?!?  It's a 1922 Remington. We've looked them up on line and if you can find the right buyer they go pretty high.  We were excited to get it!  I REALLY wanna keep this one.  I gotta think about it for awhile and decide what I want to do.

This is a time card holder!  Would be great as a bill organizer or to hold Christmas cards at the Holidays....lots of possibilities....
This chair is so great.  If we didn't already have a desk/office chair I'd be wanting to keep it too!  It's so solid....
And here's the bookcase all finished up and sitting in the store waiting to go home with a lucky girl to store some shoes :) I'm going to do another post on it later in the week to show the before and afters.  Busy, busy and having fun finding things...the best part is you know they'd probably end up in the trash and you're "saving" them and giving them a whole new life!


  1. I love that typewriter! We went to an outdoor wedding that had all kinds of neat antiques for props and one of them was an old typewrite like this! My husband and I were oooing and ahhingg over like a couple of geeks. Nice to know we are not alone!

  2. Great Finds! Hubby and I love to go junking! Rarely does a week go by that we haven't gone to some auction or flea market, etc! It so much fun. Have fun with your finds!