Monday, March 7, 2011

Retro Dresser husband and I happen to have birthdays that are just two days apart...So for our *birthdays* we decided to go to the antique mall in Springfield.  It's huge! 

And full of all kinds of things full of history and this cabinet.  I'm obsessed with furniture that has alot of drawers!  The last time we were there I was VERY pregnant so I got pretty tired, but we bought some cool things for our home.
So today we went and spent the day...I love spending time with my husband.  We always have a blast.  And it's so much fun to scour the booths looking at all the things people have found and are selling.
We saw several pieces of Stickley furniture (love arts and crafts furniture) which were pretty high dollar.

  And all kinds of little bits and pieces I'd love to buy like this super cool huge slide rule...

And so much stuff I'd love to have for our kids!!!  Toys, books, furniture...Anyways we actually bought a Mid-Century Modern style dresser for our bedroom!!!!  

....we have slowly furnished our home with things that are *OURS*  and the dresser was the last big item that belonged to my husband before we got married.  I cannot tell you how good it feels to have it gone!!!!  And I am completely taken with this piece of furniture..
It matches our bed beautifully not to mention that it is just full of character ---and SOLID as a rock!  I was so excited to find it and even more excited to see it in our room.  One more picture....
I'm doing a giveaway for sure...look tomorrow!!!  A bracelet for sure so if you're interested stay tuned....your chances of winning will be pretty high since I only have a few followers....just sayin'....

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