Thursday, March 3, 2011

New bracelets

 My Husband called me from work the other day and said...."I made you something today..for your jewelry making."  So here are a couple of new bracelets I made.  I'm working on my friend's necklace but waiting on a piece to come in the mail. 
 The new anvil works beautifully!  I love it....

  He'd cut me some various widths of aluminum for cuff bracelets awhile back so I decided to try a really narrow one and wide one with a stamped design I'd been thinking about for awhile.
I'd love to hear what you all think about these....feel free to comment :) I'm thinking about doing a giveaway ladies....and I'm linking to.......


  1. ooh, pick me pick me! Love them both but would love to have the thin one!!!

  2. You guys and your creations are awesome!! Love them both!!

  3. They're gorgeous! I prefer the wider one because you can see more of the pattern. I can't believe you made them - well done!


  4. These are fantastic!!! I love the wide one but a few of the thin one stacked would be great.

  5. I like them both,you are so talented girl!