Monday, August 12, 2013

Waxing a Canvas Backpack

We have been talking about making a waxed canvas and leather backpack for awhile and we've also talked about making a backpack for our son who is starting kindergarten this year....
so I started sketching up and idea for what we wanted....
 My husband had this olive drab herringbone fabric  ( a mechanic's suit) that he wanted me to use to make a hat for him.  
But when we started talking about a backpack and doing canvas and leather our son was pretty excited about using it for the backpack.
these are some of the parts and pieces before putting it all was interesting to use the leather in combination with another fabric.
And since we were using the leather we wanted a way to weatherproof the fabric.  We had seen the Otter Wax before in various places and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it out.
We did do a small test piece because it does darken the fabric a bit.  But it makes for a nice waterproof seal on the fabric....
The backpack is finished and completely constructed here (I just haven't done photos yet) 
 I used my ironing board which worked good as a nice flat, hard surface to work on.  There are all kinds of videos on their site for how to apply it.  You rub the bar into the fabric, and then can use a hair dryer to help soften it while working it into the fabric with your fingers

  I was able to turn it as I went and work my way around.  The waxing also creates some wrinkles and different coloration on the fabric which I really like.  It has kind of an aged worn look to it.  The waxing directions say to let it cure for at least 24 hours but ours is still feeling a little waxy.  It has been humid here too which probably affects how quickly it sets up....
Photos of the final product to come!

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