Thursday, January 24, 2013

Demi Lune makeover

While we were at the Scott's Antique show I spied this little demi lune table.....
The "before" photo...
I'm thinking the messy basement background helps all the "after" blogtastic photos look even better right??!?!?!
She had some minor veneer issues but over all a great little table...
A hand painted preppy, grey and orange argyle pattern...
She cleaned up nice and now can have a whole second chance at life....
And here's a look at what me trying to "stage" photos looks like...
 They like to keep it REAL for me....
Them and all the dust bunnies I had to sweep out of the way after checking the first couple of photos.
Boring women have clean houses people!  
I know you're with me.....


  1. It is cute!! And so are the kiddos! I must be a very exciting woman because I just spied dust bunnies the size of tennis balls!

  2. I love, love, love the argyle on the top!! So creative and different--well maybe until I copy it :)

    1. I love it too...not too girly kinda preppy....copy away!!! I 've done it on 3 different pieces in 3 different ways and love it every time! Thanks for looking!

  3. This is a lovely piece, so subtle and well done.

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  4. Rachel! Of course this is amazing. I am embarrassed to say I am just NOW putting my post together, it will be up in a few minutes, and I am featuring this table. So glad you are back and sharing your work!