Saturday, November 3, 2012

Reupholstering a Slipper Chair

Here is the chair I started with and I did a previous post of some of the tear down HERE.
 This is after re-stuffing the seat with vegetable fiber & then covering with muslin or calico material.  
You can really use any cotton material that's white or cream.  I wouldn't use anything that might show through or eventually bleed onto your upholstery fabric.
This is handstitched on with the upholstery needle and heavy thread.  Knotted at each end and tacked into the frame.
 Diamond tufting....This needs it's own post.  My book was great but I had trouble figuring out how to use the slip knot to tighten the buttons into place.  There are some good videos out there, but they all kind of skipped through that part or didn't really show in enough detail how to do it.
All tufted temporarily --
  That's the great part about using the slip knot and why I really wanted to figure it out.  This photo is before tacking the fabric to the frame so the fabric is still slightly loose looking...
I've been trying to photograph as I go but I'm too busy working and undo and redoing....
The back fabric is tacked in and the seat is hand stitched on.  This was interesting too because of the style of the chair the seat fabric gets stitched to the burlap on the sides.   Pulling the fabric nice and tight is a little tricky....
The piping I have pinned in with skewer pins 
(which are great by the way)
....they have large circular openings so they don't get lost in your piece and they are about 3-4 inches long.
 This is how I decided to finish off the bottom.  I wanted something a little more tailored than a skirt or ruffles.  This piece goes from the bottom of the seat down to the bottom of the frame which will also get piping to finish it all off.
I did take some photos of hand stitching the piping and this piece on so photos of that are coming.  
I also wanted to mention a local shop that I am blessed to be close to...
Fabric Shack is located in Waynesville and they have an amazing shop full of first run upholstery fabric.  They were extremely knowledgeable and helpful when I went to buy cotton wadding, and supplies I needed.  Anything and everything you could need for an upholstery project you can find there....

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