Saturday, September 1, 2012

Slipcovered Wingback Chair

 When I started this blog way a few years ago one of the first things I saw all over the blogs were these beautiful slipcovers that ladies were making using painter's drop cloths.  I decided to try my hand at it and covered my loveseat and couch...
 But mostly what I saw on the blogs were wingback chairs.  And I looked and looked at picking one up for cheap and it just never seemed to work out.  This one belongs to a lady I go to church was her Grandma's chair and looked like this to start with....
Definitely dated and used but still in good shape as far as the frame and even the cushions went...
So she asked me about doing a slip cover for it and I just finished it up this past week....
 I do love a good slip cover!  So nice to be able to take it off and wash it....
 I like them to fit nice and snug so it looks more like it's upholstered....
 I love playing around with the closures.  You can always do a zipper but that's not very fun!  Especially when there are so many other things you can do that make for a more unique look...
 So for this one I chose these toggle style buttons and did 2 on each side...
 She looks much more "current" in this new getup and her owner was happy to be able to keep something from her family but make it more her own.


  1. I love this! Especially the toggle closure. I have a wing back that I'm gearing up to cover. I can never get them this tight fitting. What am I doing wrong?

    Found you on MMS Furniture Friday. I'm you newest follower.


    1. I always start with the biggest piece in the back. Then when I pin it I pull it as tight as I can get it. If you get it too tight it can pull and tear the seams but I think I know what you mean...I don't like them too loose and frumpy looking either. The closer your pinned pieces are to the original the tighter it will fit. I always use big safety pins in place of the buttons or ties when I do each fitting, and I pin the fabric pieces to the chair itself with the big huge straight pins to hold it all in place. This is all kind of a pain when you have to take it all on and off for each piece but I think it makes for a nicer, custom slipcover.

  2. Great job, I like the different closure. I have only used ties but this winter I am going to try using zippers on the next twin wing back chairs. Now I am off to check out your loveseat and couch, I am always looking for inspiration.

    1. Thanks for stopping to look! I did another arm chair that you can see at this link if you're interested. I think the zipper would make for a nice clean closure...

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    1. Thanks for the kind glad you've enjoyed reading! It has been fun to record all of our DIY adventures in one spot and keep a record of what we've done....

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