Thursday, April 21, 2011


 This is where the light shines down from Heaven and choirs of angels sing ;)  I won't lie~~ This project was pretty time intensive.  I was really pushing hard to get it finished.   
 I cannot even begin to tell you how much I am lovin' this look!!!  And apparently Doodlebug is digging it too...that would be chocolate he's eating.
 And showing me his feet.  For no apparent reason.
The whole look is screaming "comfortable" which is definitely us.  Now that it's done it feels really great to look at it!
 The piping is kind of a pain but I think it makes the look.  Especially around the curves and corners.  And my one and only complaint about the instructions for sewing the cushions.  And it was a little tricky.  I did an envelope style cover.  You have to pin the top to the side.  Sew.  Then pin only part of the bottom.  Sew. Then pin the rest of the bottom.  Sew. You can't pin it all and get it off the cushion.  And kind of hard to get the cushion out if you want it to fit closely.
Of course it's like anything else.  You learn as you go.  Wouldn't want to tackle this again anytime soon but I keep telling myself....$53.  Two new pieces of furniture.  A new sofa alone would be close to $1000.  So it was worth it.  Now that I saved all that money --I have GOT to do something about the mini blinds in the living room.  

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  1. Awesome! I have cut out pieces for my slipcover and now I'm just waiting for the right time to tackle it.
    I love how you made yours so tight, it looks professional.