Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jess Brown style doll tutorial part 1

I made this Jess Brown style doll last year after seeing them in the Martha Stewart magazine.  I drew up my own pattern and shared a post here on that.  I decided to do a full tutorial and break it into parts.  So this is what you'll need to get started...
 I used coffee stained flannel (which I had from making stockings for us several years ago) but you could use muslin.  This is the body pattern.  Fold your fabric or cut two of these pieces(one for the front and one for the back).....
 This is the pattern for both the arms and the legs.  So if you double your fabric you'll need to cut 4 of these.  Mine are pretty narrow.  If you're new to sewing you may want to make these a little wider than mine--- I didn't leave a huge seam allowance on these.
You're ready to sew your parts together....
I always sew with my zipper foot on because I finally got tired of changing them back and forth.  (I have a Sailrite sewing machine in case you're wondering)
 You can see here how small the seam allowance is.  You could always make the limbs wider and it would give you more space.  You can trim off the extra when you're done sewing....
 Leave the ends open for stuffing...
And trim the points off to eliminate all of the extra fabric bunching up when you turn them right side out.
In my next post (part 2 here)I'll show sewing the body and stuffing the parts....she's not complicated.  I wanted this tutorial to be easy for people new to sewing because she's a great keepsake gift to make for the little ladies you may know....


  1. Love your Jess Brown Style doll. Great photography too.

    I'm currently in the process of something similar as I'm currently delivering a JB workshop to pupils. Call be to let me know what you think as I'll post pics soon.

    I'm now following you on here and on Pinterest.


    1. thanks so much Gemma ---just popped over to see all your sewing handiwork! I will definitely want to see photos of your JB workshop!!!! Thanks for following along...haven't been sewing too much here lately due to other projects. But I'm getting ready to tackle reupholstering another chair.