Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Simple Handmade Doll

Before Christmas I really wanted to make Mighty a simple fabric doll....I just didn't get around to it before the Holidays hit....

I have to admit that while shopping for her in the girls' toy section, I was a little disappointed in what was on the shelves...

 So in the most recent issue of Martha Stewart magazine they featured a doll maker, Jess Brown, and her beautiful simple fabric dolls....
Some great inspiration!  I drew up my own pattern although I think there is one on the MS website.....

 It was hard to get photos without my daughter (notice the boa and charm bracelet...and pigtails that are practically falling out) in the picture; she kept pointing and picking her up to hug her....so sweet....

She's going to need a name and definitely a bigger wardrobe if Mighty keeps playing with her....
freckled laundry


  1. I love little pigtails on little girls, it brings back so many memories. It is the simple things that are the greatest in our lives.

  2. I love handmade dolls like this...great hair on the doll and your real life doll, too. ;)

  3. she is absolutely adorable! i love it and have been in love with the IDEA of making one. so far no attempts to execute.

    visiting via S&N and would be thrilled if you stopped over to my kate spade/vintage necklace giveaway!




  4. oops. that's not right. i was visiting via freckled laundry!


  5. so cute! I love the jess brown dolls and you have done a fabulous job making one that is so similar. I would love to create one myself for my neice but I am a bit new to sewing, any chance you took a pic of your pattern? or, any tips to pass on to a novice? any advice would be much appreciated! thanks

    1. We almost named our son Finn!!! Thanks for looking! You have motivated me to do another post on this one...this post gets alot of views but I definitely should share the pattern....so keep looking I'll post it soon! It's pretty simple to sew. I kept it really plain and simple since that is the beauty of the doll anyways. I think you could do it without any trouble.