Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stenciling on fabric with acrylics

I do a lot of projects for people that are personalized.  Who doesn't love having their own name, birthday, kids' names, etc on something????  So the above photo is my big professional setup for stenciling some drop cloth fabric.
For this project (an ottoman slipcover) I was doing numbers in a grey or worn black look. So I start with black and cream.  I don't do pure white.
I take my stenciling brush and  holding it straight up and down I pounce it lightly in the black and then start a new color in between.  
I take my brush (without cleaning it) and get a little cream and add it to my new color...
Here I either keep using the plate or I get a scrap piece of fabric and pounce the brush to unload some/most of the paint.
I use painters tape to lay out my straight bottom line if I'm doing a sentence or set of words.  I line up the bottom of my stencils with the top edge of the tape.
When I pounce my brush onto the fabric through the stencil it almost looks like there isn't enough paint.  This is what gives it the faded look....
This is after the stencil is removed....
I don't measure between letters or numbers.  With all my stencils I can see through the plastic and I just eyeball the spacing between....
I don't worry about mixing my paint all at once either I just keep mixing it a little at a time.  You're only using two colors and the variations in shade add to creating the faded, vintage look.
  This is another good example of using a light coat of paint.  If your paint is heavy or thick it will have a totally different look...
Here's the same number without the stencil.

And here's a peek at the ottoman slip cover--  More on that later...It's already in it's happy home with it's proud owner!!!

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