Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wire stars

Finally posting about my wire stars I made awhile back!  I've been too busy living my life to post about it on my blog....and making gifts which I can't post about  until I know they've all been given!!!
 These are all over our house and were really quick and easy to make.
 Here's the wire I used.  I think we paid $8 for it at Lowe''ll need pliers to wrap the ends around each other to finish the star.
 Here's the jig I made to bend my stars.  From point to point (left to right across) it's 6"
 It doesn't have to be perfect and the wire is pretty easy to bend so you can straighten and bend it by hand.
 I cut off about 24" pieces of wire for each one...
 Because I used screws I had to stretch it out to get it off the jig.  If you wanted to get fancy you could  use dowel rods and it would just slide off and keep it's shape.
 I love these little buggers!  I mixed them into the tray on my table with the epsom salt ornaments....
 hung them on my living room window with some bright red ribbon... (you can see how I wrapped the ends in the photo below)

 hung them around the mirror in my hall bathroom with the red ribbon...
 They were fun to make and I like things like this that I can save and reuse next year.  And I like having alot of them....
 I even put 3 of them on top of our tree this year because I have a whole thing with tree toppers.  Why are there only 2 choices....scary angels or stars covered in lights or glitter???????
 And outside who can compete with this Holiday Decor?!?!??!  They've been here since the end of October...
 Their favorite time to fire up the equipment and make lots of noise is about 6:30AM or 2PM.....
God Bless us every one!!!! Right?!!?!!?  
Merry Christmas!!!

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