Sunday, November 20, 2011

Epsom Salts ornaments

My husband called these "grinch" ornaments :)

 I bought the epsom salts for another decorating idea I had, but decided to try this too...
 A box of 9 clear, glass ornaments and some salts with yellow and green food  coloring
 I've seen people use it just white and it looks like snow.  I wanted a little color to go along with our brightly colored chairs.
 But it will be nice to be able change it out for another color in the future if I want....
 Those are the rest of the plastic tube of snowflakes that we first hung in front of the fireplace.  And all the other things I already had as well. 
 I've learned to buy things in quantity that I can use in lots of different year the jingle bells were in a large glass jar with a candle.  The silver pine cones were for my son to decorate with last year.  
I'm working on some wire stars right now too that may or may not work out!  We'll see....

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