Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pottery Barn Twig Reindeer knockoffs

I made my first set of these about 3 years ago I think.....

 My sister saw these (photo below) in the PB magazine and asked for them for Christmas as a gift.  I think they are $60 or so for a set of all 3 but you can buy them individually as well.
 I really liked them but not $60 liked them and I wanted a set...so I went out to my back yard and started snipping off twigs...
 Gather a lot more than you think you'll need so you can choose good pieces especially for the head, body and antlers.  It's best if you don't have to do a lot of glueing.
 I used hot glue to attach the legs.  Spray painted them silver and added the little red berries for a pop of color...
 They would be really cute in many other places in my home BUT with a 4 year old and 1 year old they are safest on top of the Hoosier Hutch :) and even there it's risky!
 Here's another epsom salts decoration from Martha Stewart...I had these candles on hand but the blue candles look really pretty in their magazine...
On another note....my paper mache mantel decorations were featured on Krrb.org's blog!!!!  I'm always flattered that people even look at all this craziness so a big thank you to them I was honored :)


  1. Hey girl I wanted to tell you to check out the pleatedpoppy she went to this show and has a picture of a really cute leather bracelet!! Thought you would like it. I did!!

  2. Love the deer! Did you get the invite to my blog? If not, drop me a email sarahunt88@gmail.com