Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Necklace

I have a sweet friend I go to church with who asked me to make her a mother's necklace back at the beginning of March....then all the crazy sickness broke out here at our house so I'm just now finishing it!  
 I love how it turned out!!!  This is the first time I 've used brass and I really like the mixture of colors in the metals....

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  1. I love your metal work. I just got a set of stamps today at a sale. They are the larger ones and I can't wait to use them on some wood or metal. Of course, not like yours, but a simple attempt at something.

  2. So cool. I love the colors!!!!

  3. I would love to have one of these, would you consider selling one to me? Also I've been wanting to do a giveaway and wondered if you would be interested in giving one of these away, I would refer everyone to your blog. Maybe you could personalize one for the winner. Let me know what you think,