Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Finished Rug!

And here is a photo of the FINISHED {for now} rug I made for the kiddos' room.  The blue isn't quite as dark as it looks in the picture...
 I've decided to leave it this way for awhile and then I may go back and add more white to the outside of it.  It's about 3' long right now.
And here's a little photo of what Doodlebug did Sunday while I was at church with Mighty and he was home with Papa.... 
I found this yesterday while I was dusting their room.... What I DON'T have a photo of is the Vaseline he put all over his face and hair --with a popsicle stick ;)  It took *several* hair washings to get it all out.
Next week....
Define your blog link party 
At Modern Country Style....

the world of blogging is an interesting one to say the least.
I have enjoyed starting mine just to keep everything I "get into" in one spot!  More to come on that thought later-- as that would be the point of the link party on the 14th!
We have all been quite under the weather for about the past month so I've been browsing through decorating magazines.  Ready to change things up around the house for spring!


  1. Love the rug. I tried one once, it didn't work.

  2. The rug turned out beautiful. The blue on the edge contains the whites and red just right. Good job.