Sunday, April 10, 2011

Table is finished!

Been thinking about my kitchen table and wanting to get it finished up....I started it a few weeks ago and then kind of got stuck.  I didn't really like it.  That post is here.
So one before picture
Then I painted it a light grey which was ok....but I still wasn't really digging it....even after I started distressing it.
So I let it sit for a week or so....and decided to tackle it today.  I used the paint color from the kids' room (Valspar 's White Ballet).
Then I decided to use a black glaze over this before I started distressing this time.  You can see the unglazed part on the right.
Then time to start sanding.  My favorite part ;)  I use an orbital sander and because my husband has a huge air compressor I get to use that as well.
I have a butcher block topped island and it's got the real patina from age so I wanted this to have the same feel.
I'm really loving it!!!  Here's a few final pictures of it in the dining room...

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