Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Love old pictures....my Mom sent me some today of my Grandpa Byrd's family (her dad).  We called him Pappaw.  That would be him as a little guy on the far left.  He was a twin to Olive.  

And was so little that the story goes they put him in a shoe box to keep him warm....he almost didn't make it.  He's on the far right in the picture above....
Makes you think about how fragile life is....
Here he is along with my "Mammie" standing next to him on their wedding day.  They had 5 kids, 10 grandkids of which I am proud to be one!  And he got to hold Doodlebug before he passed away.  I have truly been blessed!!!!

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  1. Old photos are the best. I have a lot from both my dad and my mom's side. I am in the process of scanning them all into my computer to digitally preserve them and to be able to burn cd's for my siblings to make copies. I did the work so I get the originals! Yes!