Monday, March 14, 2011

Vellum paper flowers

What a crazy week last week!  We're thankful for a good Dr's report and getting back into our normal routine...I posted my inspiration photos for my kids' room here.  And I mentioned some vellum flowers I they are.....
I'm in love!  They're so pretty without being toooo frilly (since Doodlebug is in there too) but so simple and CHEAP ;)  Vellum is fun to work with; it has that luminescent quality to it when the light hits it which I think is so soft and beautiful.  Perfect for our sweet Mighty to lay and look at in her bed.

I'm not finished yet I want to make more of the little tiny white ones.  But I've been working on these for awhile and wanted to see them up so I could get an idea of how many more I needed and what sizes looked best.  And I just couldn't wait to see it!!!!  In my mind that wall behind them is already a beautiful soft, bright blue....It's all there in my head along with a bazillion and one other ideas that are always going.
These are not hard to make.  Tomorrow I'll post some "how to" pictures.  You need 8 squares (size varies depending on how big you want the finished flower) which you then fold and hot glue together.  I hung mine with fishing line and white thumb tacks.
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