Monday, March 14, 2011

Folding Flowers

Here are some photos of how to fold the Vellum flowers....

These are made from 2 inch squares and you need 8 of them to make a star or flower.  When finished they are about 3 inches across.  The smallest ones I did for this project were with 1 inch squares and I think that's about as small as I could fold them.
Start by folding your square in half both ways so it looks like this when you're finished...
Next fold in half diagonally both ways....
It should look like this....

Now you going to fold it into a triangle like this

From here there are a couple different things you can do.  Here's one option.
So you get this 
Remember you need 8 of these.  When you start gluing it should look like this...the glue goes where my thumb is
Then you glue the single top edge of another piece into the opening.  The little triangle that's sticking up on the right will be in the center of your flower.
Keep adding pieces until you get all 8 glued.  The front should look like this.
The back like this
You can glue a bead or button in the center to hide all the hot glue.  These make really cute little ornaments at Christmas time and nice little gift toppers too....
You can also do this from the triangle step
and then this
Flip to the other side and repeat

When these go together they look like this
You glue all eight which should look something like this
This style lays flatter than the other one.  And below are some that were made with 1 &3/8 inch squares in the bright red

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  1. Those would be cute for Christmas decor! On a tree or package!