Friday, March 11, 2011

Kids' room Inspiration

This is a photo of my kids' room.  When I painted it the first time I was pregnant with Doodlebug and we thought the development company was going to be buying our home and tearing it down.  That was 4 years ago.....

So here it is today...very little boy.  And I'm ready to make it something a little more neutral for both kiddos.  I already changed out the curtains to white cotton duck tab top panels and threw the mini blinds in the trash ( I am ashamed to say they were coated in dust ) and I was SOOO excited to see them actually IN the trash can!  It's the little things people :)  I'm also trying to do this on a teeny tiny budget....
But here are some photos that *inspired* me...loving this color scheme...

Home and Garden website
Love the cool blue/grey with those bright little pops of red!
hgtv website
And I really like the idea of the gingham or maybe some ticking which I love too....
Home and Garden website
My sweet Doodlebug already has a bright red Fokker Tri plane hanging up...and I'm working on some really sweet little red vellum flowers I want to hang from the ceiling over Mighty's bed....And I think I even have enough paint left over from the kitchen that I can mix with some white to lighten it up even more...stay tuned on this one!
I'm linking this to a party at Modern Country Style
Modern Country Style

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  1. love your inspiration photos...i am a huge fan of those colors too!

  2. The photo of the children's room with the bunting is one of my favourite photos I've seen of a children's room. I LOVE (and I mean L.O.V.E) the colour scheme, the bunting, the bed, oooh, everything!!!

    I can't wait to see what you do.


  3. Wow, great inspirational photos. Love the banner and the red poppies against the pale blue walls. So nice to 'meet' you in your beautiful blog via Sarah's party :) XOLaura

  4. Rae I love the blue and red combo!! It would be adorable! What kinda flowers are you making for mighty??? I would like to see one!