Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Coke crate key organizer

Here's what I decided to do today.  I'm not sure exactly what gave me this idea.  I'm being totally honest when I say I have NO IDEA how my brain works.  It's always going.  CONSTANTLY.  
For a few days I've been eyeballing our Coke crate.  I love it.  We had DVDs in it previously...then moved them out when I moved some other things around.  So I had it in the kitchen under the ice box trying to come up with a nice place for it so it didn't get sent to the basement.....

 And in our house there's really no extra space for things that aren't being used.  It's a small house and we have two small kids.....So I had the thought of hanging it on the wall first.  Knowing I could do it without having to nail into the crate itself.   And my husband could really use a place to hang his keys near our door so the two ideas finally merged in my brain today....
 I just marked the wall, nailed two nails and set the top slat (bottom of the crate) onto the nailheads.  
 I didn't really want to do anything permanent on the crate itself...because (knowing myself as I do) I'll decide in a year or two to do something else with it!!!  So I decided to make some hooks myself.  Using my aluminum.  They're about 3 and 1/4" long and very easy to shape as you need too.
 First hook....
 Loving this idea the more I look at it!  Why didn't I think of this before??!?!?!?!

 Just wanted to add a pic of this little cutie...Found it on our last antique outing....How adorable is that?!?!??  The other side is "Old Mother Hubbard"
....and the Harmonica is Doodlebug's.  
There's a reason it's up where he cannot get to it......

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