Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kids' Room Reveal!!!!!

If you remember I did a previous post with a certain photograph of a kid's room that I loved... here you go if you didn't see it. Or just to remind you!  
So this is the *feeling* I was going for...not necessarily wanting to duplicate it exactly.  And of course I have a son and a daughter so the idea was to make it work for both.  Here's a BEFORE pic ( I forgot to include this when I originally posted but better late than never!)

Drum roll please......Ta Da!
How did I do?!?!?!?  
Here's Doodlebug's reaction
And here's Mighty's reaction....a bit different....
Now for a few a ton! more photos. 
 Fokker tri-plane above and SE-5 below compliments of Doodlebug (and mostly Papa...)

 So nice to see Mighty's pretty red flowers in their spot!  She was really fascinated by them because they now hang over the air vent so they move....
 I am so happy with it!  Even my husband said "It looks so much happier in here..."
 The toy box in the photo below was an upcycle project.  Wish I had before pics.  It was a 60's circus theme.  Not anymore!!!
 Warbird prints compliments of Doodlebug's Uncle Matt.  His quilt was made by his Great-Grandma VanHook...(and I have another quilt top I'm going to quilt for Mighty--that's a whole 'nother project!)
 Probably end up doing a book shelf of some sort or another on this wall.  We have ALOT of books...

 Still working away on the rug!!!  I want it to be BIG so it's going to take awhile but I love how it looks in there!
More on the color, how I chose it, and some of the things I do when I'm looking for colors later!
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  1. Beautiful, I just love it! I really enjoyed spending time with the kids today while you were panting. Such sweet babies you have!

  2. Rae - LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT! If I had the money girl I'd "commission" you to come and do Jesse's room lol!

  3. Very cute! Loveing it girl.

  4. Very Very cute!!!! I love the planes!!! My Dad and Grandpa where both pilots!!!!!

  5. I love the transformation! WHAT. A. ROOM! You are so talented. Thanks for dropping by the blog :)
    -Emily @ Crisp Interiors