Monday, March 28, 2011

Choosing a paint color

Ahhhh yes the "tricky" paint color choice....there are SOOOOO many to choose from!  And I L.O.V.E. colors...the nail polish section in the cosmetics even draws me.  I just like to see all of them!  And the paint chips just call to me.  It's not normal~~but I'm OK with it :)  So here's my own humble opinion of how it all works....I'm learning by trial and error...
Here's one of my favorite tools to use....If you like to decorate and you've never looked at this book you need to find it.  (There are a couple of these I know for sure there is one that is all neutrals.)
Here's the great thing about this book.  It's not just colors.  It shows you how to put a whole room together.  I actually had this color scheme picked out first.  It's more grey though and our bedroom is already grey.  And I also wanted to be able to use linens/decorations we already had. So I chose this color from the book...and started gathering colors.

I kept picking these up every time I saw something that caught my eye.  The top right color is the one I used.  "White Ballet" it's a Valspar (Lowe's) color.
The tricky thing about color really is the lighting.   Even if you know EXACTLY the color that someone else used it 's probably not going to look the same in your home.
Go back and read that last sentence.  It's an important one! This is why it's important to gather pictures of rooms you like!  When you have rooms that you like it's because of the "feeling" that they have.  So when I found my inspiration photo it gave me alot more direction...
And just so you know I'm not an expert by any means here's the first "wrong" color we painted it...After it dried I hated it.  Lowe's is across the street :) and my husband is patient with me.  ALWAYS go lighter than you think.  It dries darker.

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  1. I am soooooo in love with your inspiration picture. Really and truly smitten. I feel really excited to watch you make it your own. Well done for sticking to your guns about the colour. I think it's worth chopping and changing to make it *just* right....though I should add that my husband disagrees!!!!!