Monday, February 28, 2011

Copper Bowl

Thought today would be a good day to go back and post some more photos of the copper bowl my husband made.

We've been fighting a stomach bug...Me, Doodlebug and Mighty.  So Papa has been the "nurse".   I think he's pretty glad I'm feeling better!!!!
Love this bowl....he comes home and says "I made something for you today..." then pulls this out....
 It started as a flat piece of copper....this is all formed by hand using metal shaping hammers and the english wheel.
I've used it quite a bit in my jewelry photos.  The piece of slate underneath is an old that too!  Saved by my Brother-in-law for me.  And my Dad just called today to ask if I'd be interested in some old spice tins...YES!  Just saw an idea for using those to store pencils on the fridge by magnetizing them....look for photos soon...


  1. Sorry to hear you had the same stomach bug i had last week... I love your imagination and wanted to thank you for stopping by... Be back for more inspiration soon...