Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mitten pattern and cutting the pieces

Continuing on with the mittens....I told you it takes awhile!  And I like to see alot of pictures/instructions when I look at others' projects so....if you're interested keep looking!

Here's the pattern I use.  If I was more organized I would've figured out a way to attach this so you could print this off...I'll just give you the measurements instead.  The main piece (back of the hand) is 8 & 3/4" long by 5" wide.  You may notice the label 1a on the palm pieces.  You have to flip these two pieces over when helps keep the whole "left" and "right" thing straight.  From the top to the bottom of the thumb on the cream piece it's 8".  From the bottom to the top of the thumb on the white piece it's 7 and 1/4".  Both of these pieces are 5" wide.
 I just place the piece and cut.  No pinning or drawing...

 I cut about 12" for the cuff--this is probably way to much but you can always trim.....
I'm not a big fan of purple but I think these will be really feminine when they're done!
These will  be lined with fleece.  They are unbelievably warm.  You cut the same three pieces for the lining.  

Making sure to keep the left and right straight.  I keep mine together as I go...I've sewn them "wrong" too many times so I finally learned to do this. I use the same pattern but when I sew it I just sew it a little bit smaller to account for the fact that it will be inside...I'll have pics of that as well.

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