Saturday, February 12, 2011

Go big or stay home

So as I continue the story of our humble kitchen dining room remodel I realize it is good to remember!  GOD has brought us a long way.  Looking at these pictures I realize how thankful I am that we didn't know what we were getting into when we started!!!!  Isn't everything that way?????  I mean really, if you knew what was coming you'd miss out on most of your life out of fear or least I think I would!
Here's my husband taking the cabinets down...bless his heart he hates this kind of stuff.  It's really not his cup of tea.  I'm proud to say we did survive!!!!  This is a better picture of those'll notice the little "scallop y" decor is already GONE.
So this is the moment of truth....the sawzall is OUT and ready for action!!!!  At this point I'm thinking what in the heck are we thinking??!?!?!?!  And I had already spent time repairing the drywall where the bar used to be.  When I say "time" I mean it took me several days of mudding and sanding.  And now we're tearing it down....

And then the wall was down and gone and I felt like I had a new room already.  LOVE the open space! You can kind of see in the background below the chair rail on the dinning room side there is a texture on the wall.  That was something I did when we thought it was going to get torn what????  I didn't want to just paint over it.  And of course Doodlebug was running around in his diaper because it was scorching hot and soooo humid....

Ah yes ---then it sinks in.  We have to FIX this.  And it's your kitchen so you're in it everyday...especially with a little one.  And we had NO IDEA what we were doing.....

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  1. In't it amazing to look back and see how far we've come? I love doing that too!

    Happy Valentine's Day!