Monday, February 14, 2011

Ahhhh Haaaa moment

So today  I was thinking then about God being our Father.  He wants to bless us.  And I've mentally known that for as long as I can remember.  But have you ever just had one of those moments where it totally dawns on you that you didn't COMPLETELY understand it until that moment??!??!?!?!?   I just realized today how I must look to GOD ---ever been there??????  Thinking about your own kids and how sometimes you just wish they'd be a little appreciative of what they've already got before giving them something more?  GOD'S love is truly a miracle....
Here are the pictures of the pantry we decided we might as well go ahead and build while we had everything torn apart.  I'm SOOO glad we did this.  I love my pantry.  It hides all sorts of craziness in the kitchen!!!

We also decided to wall in the 'old' doorway between the dining room/kitchen area...I had plans for this involving chalkboard paint.....and now on to the good of the semi finished kitchen and dining room!  I am so glad we tore out the soffits.  It really opened everything up and made it feel really huge!
 I  painted the cabinets a creamy white color and then glazed them with my own little concoction.  I'm really bad for this.  I'm always doctoring paint to get the colors I want.  Mixing and what not....Then I sanded them to distress them a little bit.  My drawers are plastic people.  PLASTIC!  And I sanded them too...they turned out great...
Here's my chalkboard wall-- Doodlebug gets the bottom half and I used a silver sharpie to lay out a calendar for the top half.

I made the slipcovers for the chairs.  And this is also a pretty good picture of the floor.  Which I am proud to say I laid MYSELF!  Before you get too impressed by my DIY skills --it's linoleum.  Pretty cool huh????  The look of hardwood at a fraction of the cost.  I can't say I'd choose this if we were planning on staying but I have to say it looks pretty nice and has actually held up better than expected.

New side doors which both open up to screens.  This is so nice when the weather cooperates!  And the finished pantry so now the refrigerator has a place to go.  It used to just sit out in the middle of the wall.

This is a nice full view of the cabinets...and the new back door.  I decided not to put that annoying little cabinet over the stove back up....who uses that?!?!?!?  Here's another reminder of the "old" kitchen..

And this is from the back door looking into the dining room...For those of you who've seen other posts you know there is now beadboard running around the bottom half of the dining room walls.  These photos are prior to that because right about this point in our remodel we discovered a huge leak in our roof and had to reroof our house.....yeah....when it rains it pours...ha ha
just to remind you here's the before again...
And I'm sitting at the Hoosier hutch on our laptop typing this.  It makes a great computer desk since we only have a 2 bedroom home and we have two kiddos...which brings me back to the reason we have to sell it!  GOD has blessed us and we are out of went on the market last week.  Stay tuned to see what happens!!!!

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