Monday, January 24, 2011

Winsome Cottage

I am THRILLED to be the first "featured artist" on Winsome Cottage's website!!!  Thank you Marykay!!!  This is a photo of my latest creation....A hammered aluminum cuff bracelet.  These can be be stamped with letters or words/phrases as well.  You can see more pictures of these bracelets here.
This is an example of my hand stamped sterling silver charms.  We also make these bracelets from bicycle spokes (so they are stainless steel).


  1. Love mine! I wear it all the time! Give kisses to Doodlebug and Mighty for me!

  2. LOVE that cuff!!! Want one how do I get one...and you make them??? You are so talented! So I can have words stamped in them? My blog is somewhat new..building readership daily...but will totally feature you if you want! People are gonna want these! E-mail