Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sterling pendant leather necklace

So one of the BEST parts about the craziness of being creative is when other people like your "stuff"!!!  I find it highly fulfilling to make things for friends and family and just people that see what I've made and ask about it.  Sometimes when I make something it reminds me of someone I know and their "style"....I made this necklace today and that's what happened!  I've been trying to get some new things together to sell at Winsome Cottage so I've been working more than usual.  And Mighty is finally starting to nap better .....Naptime is lovely!!!!

Hard to get a good picture because it's concave...sorry about the glare!

I've been thinking about making this clasp for awhile...finally got to try it!

I made it from flat stock aluminum--from scratch...pretty happy with how it turned out!

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