Saturday, January 29, 2011

What 's for sale

Just dropped off the new jewelry to Winsome Cottage yesterday! (Link bracelet, Sterling pendant necklace, and Aluminum cuff bracelets)  While I was there I went ahead and took some pictures of what was already there (.....since I can't seem to find the ones I had before the big computer switch over in December...) 
 All of these charms are hand hammered and hand stamped.  You can choose from sterling silver or copper....I have a silver letter for the first name of each of my kids.  There are some leather necklaces that you can add these to ( Some are adjustable so you can wear them any length.  See photos of how those work HERE.) Or you can add them to the silver bracelets pictured below....
 Here are some hand hammered copper cuffs.  Fun to use the torch to add color!  Each one turns out really unique and these also look great with names or words stamped on them.  The silver bracelets are made from bicycle spokes.  Probably my favorite thing that we make....I say "we" but my husband actually makes these because honestly I just can't "muscle" them into shape!  They make great bangle bracelets for that very reason---they hold their shape really well.  They are just really simple and versatile --dress them up or down, add my charms or your own....
 Some necklaces and bracelets I've made....
These are little "extras" to add if you like! With a charm or two or just by themselves...


  1. Yes I still have "the loot":) It makes great jewelry also.I have an awesome ring made from a spoon. It's about three dollars to mail six forks.

  2. Super duper cute!! Boy do I wish it was Christmas again!!!

  3. Hey, you need to re-post this one. We have forgotten how cute they are and we need reminding.