Saturday, January 11, 2014

Double Sided Stampled Charm Bracelet

 Hard to believe it's 2014 already.  So much going on since my little son started school this fall...We weren't sure what to expect with our Etsy shop through the Holiday season and we were very busy right up until Christmas.  We feel so blessed that our customers choose to purchase our things out of all the many talented shop owners who are creating unique handmade items
 This bracelet is special...mostly because of who I made it for.  The charms are double sided and this is the first time I've stamped on the front and the back.  I think it works because it's 20 gauge sterling and anything thinner probably wouldn't handle that very well...
 When we switched our son to all day kindergarten I had to start driving him to and from school.  So I met another Momma while waiting with him in the mornings and afternoons...
 Every great once in awhile you meet someone and almost right away you just have a connection--
We just seem to have so much in common...
During one of our conversations our Etsy shop came up 
 Her husband bought her this bracelet over the Holidays...
and I was so excited to make it for her.  
It's always fun to make things for people that we know and especially people that you know will really appreciate it.
We had a wonderful Christmas this year and as usual I had some tools on my wish list.  My husband bought me a soldering kit so I can attempt to teach myself how to solder sterling, copper and brass.  My ultimate goal is to learn how to bezel set stones and to make my own closures for my jewelry...we'll see!

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