Friday, January 4, 2013

Hand Stitched Leather Cell Phone Wallet

I posted a few days ago about my Christmas gift from my husband 
(a hand stitched molded leather handbag) 
You can see that post HERE...

We've been talking about trying out all sorts of hand stitched leather this is our first attempt at a leather cell phone wallet....
We started by drawing out a pattern (not shown) on tag board.  Traced those onto leather tooling hide and cut the leather pieces out.  
Next you use a tool to pierce the stitching holes and then dye the leather.
I also stamped our "V" into the leather before I dyed it. And you can see how this all goes together....
This all gets hand stitched...(more on that in another post!) with waxed linen thread.
Here the wallet is flat and ready to be molded...
The wallet gets thoroughly soaked in water which makes it extremely soft and pliable....
Then our wooden cell phone mold is pushed into the wallet to create the shape of the phone in the leather itself.
This is left to dry overnight.....
Which creates the shape hardened into the leather itself....pretty cool stuff....
There are still some kinks we're working out but this one turned out pretty good....

We used the dimensions for the iPhone 4 &5 so either should fit.....
I just have a basic trac phone which is a little thicker but still fits fine along with a few cards in the card slot....
Fun stuff!  
next on the list is a simple wallet...


  1. Nice, what about a ring at one side to attach a longer strap to throw about a shoulder? This could also do for a passport holder. And it could "hide" under your clothing for a trip. Nice work, you two.

    1. Thanks Helen! I'd thought about a ring for a wrist strap or keys to clip to....we're working on the small wallet and had thought about an iPad cover too...

  2. Ok.... How much are you selling thses for? I really want one! Please email me soon!;)

    1. just sent you an email Sara :) Hope you all are doing well!!!

  3. My first thought was: is she selling these? I love it!! Let me know!

    1. I sent you an email...Thanks for the comment and question!

  4. I'd like to know more about these too. Great looking stuff! Thank you.

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  6. allow much are u selling?i me