Monday, June 11, 2012

Sprucing the house up with paint

 I've been painting outside and trying to spruce things up a bit....I painted the door this blue color. One of my aunts suggested drawing some good attention to the front of the house with some color...we also replaced the porch lights.
I spray painted our mailbox black and drew these numbers out on some graph paper.  Then used some saral paper (you can see the blue powder on the ridges of the mailbox) to trace it onto each side.  The powder washes off :)
I painted the numbers with my husband's One Shot Enamel paints....white and blue...
We lowered the price today....hoping to get some more people in to look and eventually get an offer.
The sewing machine is also FIXED so I'm working more on my chair...hoping to have it done soon!!!!!

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