Sunday, August 21, 2011

VanHook& Co. original

My husband and I have been working on creating an original piece of furniture....

this is the frame built from aluminum tubing...
the top is different sized widths of poplar connected on the bottom with these strips which are glued and screwed...

Awhile back a man asked him to create this  artwork to paint on the door of his hotrod.  But he sold the car to someone before we got to paint it for him ---so it's been rolled up waiting for something to be painted on :)

 The first color I painted was a blue from the "oops" shelf at Lowe's.  The top coat was the "Fresh Linen" color I've been using...
The artwork was originally done on paper.  But we use something called "Saral" paper to transfer the design.  You can find it at craft stores--I think we got ours at Hobby Lobby.
Here it is all painted, distressed and waxed. 
 I love the boat....

I mixed some acrylic paint (black and brown) into my wax.  Just scoop it out into a separate container and mix it really well....
I also like to warm my wax up a little which makes it easier to brush on.  You can heat it for a few seconds in the microwave or you can sit the can in a bowl of hot water.
My husband and I feel really blessed to be able to "share" our talents.  We are having so much fun working together and using our creativity....GOD is just always so good.  He's blessed us with a wonderful opportunity to share all that and try out ideas we come up with....There is something really satisfying about seeing the idea in your head and then working it all out into reality!
We'd love to hear some feedback on this table...

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  1. Seriously you guys.....AMAZING!!! It is so stinkin cute!!!! What will you come up with next???I can't wait to see! I love the aluminum legs!

  2. What a great piece! It must be wonderful to you have someone to partner with to create projects.

  3. Love the mixture of wood and metal. And the colors - you couldn't pick better colors to match the metal. Great job!!!

  4. I love this!!! You guys are so creative.

    I am featuring your feedsack chair #2 tomorrow on my blog. Thank you so much!

  5. Love the painting. Great job!
    I'm your newest follower!

  6. Great work! I love projects that you can work on together.

  7. W.O.W.!!!

    I'm inspired ... headed to HL