Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Metal lockers

  I have one last piece of furniture in our bedroom (which holds my running clothes) that I really want to get rid of.  It's that white pressed board stuff and I hate it.  But furniture is pricey so I've been waiting to find the right thing that will fit in the space and do the job.  We've been on the hunt for some lockers for awhile now.....and here's what we found last weekend!
Some friends of ours told us about this little flea market that's not too far from us so we decided to go (last weekend was our anniversary....we celebrate BIG!!! LOL) Anyways the guy was asking $15 apiece but sold them both to us for $25.  The last set I saw they were asking $80 for so I was pretty happy....
 So I want them to be bare metal....and I don't really want the chemicals of the stripping so....yeah....I started with 80 grit then switched to 180 and finished with 220.  When they're done I'm going to spray them with clear gloss.
They're coming along really's just so hot here right now.  The heat index is some crazy high number ---on the news they keep saying "It's 92 degrees but it feels like 110!"  Like you can't figure that out for yourself when you walk outside and immediately start sweating!!!!! So it's slow going but I'm close to finishing...I'll keep you posted....


  1. There is this metal knob type thingy that goes on a drill (electric would work best) It kinda looks like the round duster that goes on the end of your vacuum cleaner nozzle, only it has metal bristles. Anyway, it does a fantastic job at taking off the paint (my husband does it). It leaves a pleasing design in its wake. We got ours at a Home Depot or Lowe's.

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