Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lockers are DONE!

Here's what we started with...
And here's where we ended up...
Lot's of sanding later...L.O.T.S.......
Alot of sweat in these but it was worth it...I'm so glad I decided to sand.  I think it gives them a whole different feel as opposed to the grey.
after sanding with the 80, 180, then 220 grit sandpaper, my husband wiped them down with lacquer thinner first, then with this stuff. 
You wipe until the cloth comes away clean and don't touch the metal with your skin.  This will make your spray painting go on much better and stay!  We used a Kylon clear gloss to finish them.

They are in the house!  And the ugly white stuff....
is gone...I think I've had it since college.

 I had plenty of room for what I needed to put in there with an extra locker left over for some really large photo albums and my iron :)
 Big improvement. 
On a totally different note....see the Calla lilly plant on the left side of our dresser???
 It's getting really big and I don't want it to die....Is it just too big for the pot it's in or should I tie it up so it's not hanging down so far????  Help!!!   I know I can keep the bulb and replant it...not sure what to do with it right now or when to do that...all you gardening people out there I need help!


  1. I LOVE the lockers!!! I just saw some on CL but they wanted to much for them, they would have been great in our laundry room! BTW hopefully we'll be seeing you soon, or should I say meeting you! I feel like I already know you;} can't wait to share ideas in person .

  2. These came out fantastic! Makes me want to go out and buy myself some lockers. I really had no idea they looked so great without the paint.

  3. Wowee, missus! That's lotta lotta sanding! I'm so impressed! But what an awesome result. The lockers look amazing.

    With your plant, I think it might need repotting...... you could try it and see...?

    Thank you so much for linking up to my 'Paint, Please' link party.


  4. Great Job! I love industrial furniture. I just did a post on industrial cabinets if you would be interested, here's the link: