Wednesday, July 13, 2011

little bit of this little bit of that

 I've been busy doing all sorts of craftiness lately!  More jewelry pieces...
 Some more sewing...for me and for the shop....the little coasters were a quick fun project. Mine are about 5" sqaure.  They are doubled but I left the raw edges out...then stenciled the lettering and ticking stripes with acrylic paint.
 These 3 pillow shams were a request from some Winsome Cottage customers...
 Then these little beauties were from my own crazy brain.  I 've had the hooks for quite awhile.  And the boards were leftover from a past project.  I'm not a frilly kind of girl when it comes to decorating but I like all the bird things I've been seeing here and there.  So I thought I'd try my hand at drawing something up.
We are hoping to go to an auction later in the week.  My babies have birthdays coming up...they are only a week apart.  Doodle turns 4 and week later Mighty turns 1!!!!  I cannot believe it....time flies when life is so good!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday to the kiddos! I like the hooks. Did you freehand the birds? If so, good job! Looks like you've been busy. Me, too. I'll have to put a post together of all my busyness as well.