Friday, April 15, 2011

Winsome Cottage

Today I got to spend about half the day working for a friend of mine who runs a lovely shop called Winsome Cottage in the little, antique town of Waynesville, Ohio.
I love to go in her shop and look at all the "finds" gathered in one spot.  She and her husband love to hunt for treasures amongst flea markets, garage sales and other various places.  They like to take pieces that need a little TLC and recreate them by painting them.
I'm in love with the piece below....really and truly in love...thinking of all the many places that could go in my house!
Every time I go in there's something I didn't see before.  So many little details to look at.  The lamp is GREAT!  And I'm also in love with the green stools....
Love that little silverware caddy and those spa blue placemats would look so good on my kitchen table....
SO much fun to meet people and talk with whoever comes into the shop.  I feel blessed to have her as a friend and it has been so nice to see her start her business and watch the LORD bless it and make it grow!
She's on the move to a bigger place that is also in a better location....very exciting!!!

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  1. I too love her shop and the green stools. You totally need them!!