Thursday, April 14, 2011

 To go along with my new "look" for the living room I decided to slipcover my pillows instead of buying new ones.  
I used some flour sacks--- L.O.V.E.  So summery and light and airy...Except for the one on the left with the ties they are envelope style covers.  I had two on hand and then $1 apiece at Target.  Can't beat that.
And a little stenciling with some acrylic paint and scrap material from the drop cloth.
The whole look of this is so comforting.  Really relaxed looking and cozy.  And being able to wash all of it makes it even better!!!!  I'm already thinking about being able to change them for fall and the holidays....flannel, felted cashmere...some yummy fabrics.  I've washed and dried the two I bought for the sofa, but I'll be working at Winsome Cottage the next two days.  I'm ready to get going on it before I lose my momentum!!!


  1. I can tell your mind is running wild with ideas!! Yeah mine too..I've been in a sewing mood lately!! I made some pillows for Kristina to match her baby room! I'll have to post them!!

  2. Hey Rachel! I didn't know you were so talented. I was at Winsome Cottage yesterday and saw your jewelry...loved it all. There was one in particular that I feel I should go back and get:) Marykay told me to check out your blog so here I am :) Loving everything I saw - slipcovers are perfect. So then checking out the copper bowls - Chris is in the process of remodeling our bathroom and we are using an old washstand and are still trying to figure out the has chad made a sink yet??? I will be looking for you on Sunday girl!! Lesa Irving