Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dining room Slipcovers

Yeah I know~~ and I'm actually getting *really* close to finishing the slipcover for the couch believe it or not.  These I made this week-end..:)  
Because as I was sewing the pillow covers I laid one of the flour sack towels over the chair in the dining room and you know what that means...
ANOTHER idea!!!!  I've actually wanted to make new slipcovers for these since the last ones fell apart finally.  The rattan or whatever it is that's woven on the seats sheds like crazy and also makes little splinters.
And I actually had linen in mind but these are beautifully light and airy...perfect for summer.  Not to mention washable, and only $1 apiece ~~so $3 a chair.  Even BETTER!!! Guess which of the above is Doodlebug's seat?!!?!?!?

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  1. Lovely!!! I have been in a sewing mood as well. I've been maiking baby things and finally my skirt for Easter!! Nothing like waiting until the last minute!