Thursday, February 3, 2011

New sterling silver pendant necklace

 Made this for a friend of mine.  Excited about giving it to her probably tonight at our momma meeting at church.  Hammered sterling and tiny little hammered copper disks.  Less is more.  My husband's favorite phrase....
In these pictures you can see the size a little better...

Working on a some paper mache snowmen....DIY pictures to come soon!  They're taking awhile to dry....I try doing things like that with Doodlebug.  Sometimes forgetting he' s just gets a little crazy.  But that's what makes it fun!
The other day he said "Momma---I just NEED to make art!" he is definitely OUR son....  Check out the Little Artists page for his latest drawings....
Also added one of my very first "trash" finds-- that I'm  upcycling yet our Pickers page.  


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  2. You are so talented!! doodlebug cracks me up!!! Love him to pieces!