Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pinstriping and knitting/felting

Okay so now that I'm figuring all this out here are some of our most recent endeavors....Chad did some pinstriping on these wine bottles for a customer which turned out pretty nice....

And here is a set I made for my niece as a Christmas much fun to make her stuff because she enjoys all the same stuff I do!!!!  Love you Soph!!!!  I knitted the hat and crocheted the border...then the mittens are recycled wool sweaters that I washed (felted) them then cut and sewed them.

That's all for today!!  Happy Sunday!!!


  1. These are fabulous!! I know of a shop in Waynesville that would love to take those to their booth at the Country Living Fair this year!!!:)

  2. How gorgeous are these? And how clever are you? And why am I saying things in questions!! ;-)

    You're brilliant at n=knitting. These are waht you'd find in a high-end shop. I'm in awe!!


  3. This is Matt (not Amanda pretending to be Matt) - those wine bottles are amazing!!! Does Chad have a website/company page, b/c I have a motorcycle gas tank that wants some of that done to it!!!